Below you will find some pictures of our past competitors with their initatives. The competition is extremely competitive as participants eagerly attempt to convince the panel of judges or capitalists about their products, idea, or business. These individuals worked hard to pitch their idea in their own creative, enthusiastic ways to persuade their constitutients.


Zachary Collier - "Cypherpass"

Zachary Collier created Cypherpass - a public key authentication application aiming to secure online interactions through public-key cryptography. Zach believes passwords are inherently insecure and that public-key cryptography is the final solution for authentication.


Ryan Madic - "EZ Protein Machine"

Ryan Madic's product focused on revitalizing the industry in terms of protein processing. His product was the EZ Protein Machine. This is a small appliance that prepares protein shakes more efficiently than ever before. The Ez Protein Machine is extremely easy to use, allowing the user to prefill water and protein with up to 3-4 weeks supply of different powders, while dispensing tasty, lump free shakes in 30 seconds, all with the push of a button. Ryan had the venture capitalists VERY interested.


Matt Masias - "Colonel Pop"

Matt Masias had a vision of a future with innovative and tasteful flavors of popcorn that would change up the norm in the current flavors available. He provided several samples to all the venture capitalists to showcase his unique and creative flavors in hopes of opening his own business to sell deliciously creative popcorn to the community.

Getting Started

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